Fashion Pollution Solution is Hydrogen Utopia International's first of a kind solution where the fashion industry has a real opportunity to wash off its sins.

Allowing the industry realise it's environmental responsibility with regard to plastic pollution and position themselves at the forefront of remedying the environmental damage that plastic based materials cause. Hydrogen Utopia's plastic to hydrogen technology can convert a significant percentage of polyester made clothes into road fuel quality hydrogen and syngas which can be used as a base chemical or for displacing virgin hydrocarbons.

Hydrogen Utopia has the privilege of having engaged the services of Harold Tillman CBE, a giant from the fashion industry to be an ambassador to this program. Harold brings immense and longstanding relationships with the fashion and clothing world, enjoying the ear of manufacturers, retailers and all aspects of the clothing industry. Harold's longstanding relationship with the Ethical Fashion Group (headed by Tamsin Lejeune) and the Common Objective branch of EFG will promote and educate it's many tens of thousands of members about FPS.

Ultimately the goal of FPS is to persuade this multibillion fashion industry into investing in the HUI technology roll out with a goal to achieving Plastic Neutrality - where any engaged clothing producing giant in the space invests in the funding of sufficient systems that consume the equivalent amount of plastic that they put into the market. The investments will be profitable and considered high return opportunities with a 20% return on investment.

This isn't a program that's putting out the begging bowl or simply talking about remediation of the world's dire problems with plastic contamination. This is a program that sets out a real methodology of eliminating plastic waste from clothing, it's an end of life program with no emissions, it is not an incineration program but one that takes the materials and reduces them to their molecular composition.

HUI is a company that does, not talks.